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Krina Parmar - Events Consultant


Prior to joining Conference Care, I worked for an international groups and meeting organisation for 5 years as a Senior Conference Consultant. There, I looked after various accounts and specialised in incentives, flights, and UK and international events for VIP clients.

I joined Conference Care in 2005 and really enjoy working as an Event Consultant.

Every day is a different day here at Conference Care - for example, your day could start off with a one day meeting for three people in Birmingham, and I could end working on a five day residential product launch in Spain Ė this is what I enjoy about working here.

My clients range from companies with a very strict budget to companies who want top end hotels, which I find very challenging and rewarding once I have met their brief.

Iím a happy go lucky person with a dry sense of humour and Iím often referred to as the "feederĒ of the office as I am always feeding my fellow colleagues and often have a secret stash of goodies on me.

Out of work, most of my time is spent with husband, Ray and my two wonderful children, Milan and Maya at the Wacky warehouse or watching Ben10. I also love travelling, cooking and visiting hotels.

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The team at Conference Care provide AstraZeneca UK Marketing Company with a seamless venue find service. A service that is guaranteed to be 100% compliant, adhering not only to the UK Pharma regulations but also our own AZ UK policies.


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