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In 2008 we created VSR, a database of green venues. We measured venue criteria ranging from recycling and waste, to energy and efficiency and the venues' contribution to the local community. By making use of our Venue Sustainability Rating, you can easily see which meeting and event venues in the UK are doing the most to benefit the environment and their local communities. Over 1,500 venues are now scored, making it simple to compare and add into the decision making process when comparing green venues. Every client proposal now includes a VSR rating.

Conference Care's green venues rating, the first and only system of its type in the UK, gives an overall CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) related score for hotels, conference and meeting spaces.

The development of the Venue Sustainability Rating reinforces Conference Care's commitment to not only our own green venues initiatives, but to a far wider reaching audience. Aware of the corporate market's need to use venues that demonstrate and reflect their own policies on green issues and CSR, Conference Care researched and developed a standardised method of measurement.

Research was undertaken amongst our customers to gain a greater understanding of their key green venues focus areas for consideration. These considerations were translated into a simple and intuitive online survey for hotels and meeting venues to complete.

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The green venues survey site is live and available to view

The green venues survey looks in detail at:

Management and Policies Questions relating to the property's personnel and their individual involvement in CSR policies. The questions seek clarification on the property's CSR and Environmental policies and accreditations in place.

Location Confirmation is sought on location of the property, public transport links and access for guests, delegates and employees.

Energy Summarising the energy saving programmes in place, i.e. green tariffs, occupancy sensors and use of wind or solar devices.

Water A series of questions allowing the property to detail water saving devices and projects to reduce the consumption of water on site.

Purchasing This area researches the property's purchasing decisions and if in turn consideration is given to the CSR policies of its suppliers. It also looks at the sourcing of recycled products and if the kitchen uses local suppliers, thereby reducing food miles - use of Fair Trade, organic and free range products are also investigated.

Recycling and waste Taking an overview of the products and by-products from the property and what recycling methods are utilised.

People and Communities Researching the involvement of the property in the local community. It also clarifies manpower resources and the use of local staff.

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