Venue For Good – Carden Park


Our Venue For Good initiative recognises Venues that go above and beyond to have a positive impact on our industry, our environment, and our communities.

We assess each venue in line with the UN sustainability goals and take into account any existing accreditations.

Booking a Venue For Good means you are securing a space guaranteed to give back, and you can select a venue that falls in line with your sustainability agenda. To find out more, contact us here.



We recently awarded Carden Park our Venue for Good certificate.

There are many reasons for this.

Carden Park sources food from local farmers and producers, helping to reduce their carbon footprint. Plus, a large variety of animals and plant species are protected on the estate’s grounds. Over 16 years, 30,000 trees have been planted on the grounds. As you can imagine, this makes for a stunning landscape, and one well worth visiting.

“Carden Park has worked hard to incorporate protection of the planet and preservation of their 1000 acre estate into their day-to-day. From having all of their food waste transformed into energy and animal feed, to recycling water from their spa to water the golf course, we were really impressed with their innovative approach to conserving resources.” – Judith Dix



If you weren’t already sold on Carden Park, the venue won silver in the M&IT awards in 2023 for ‘Best Hotel’.

Part of the reason for the prestigious award was the extra level of care that has gone into the service and the space. Their on-site team are willing and able to work with you on specific and unique briefs. They offer bespoke and tailored solutions to make your event a reality.

What stood out to us about the space was just how well it all flowed. For want of a better word, the entire building feels streamlined. If you were to host a multi-room conference, you would be able to move from one space to another without hassle or confusion. Refreshments and snacks are always just around the corner, lining the spaces between spaces.

And of course, we have to mention the sheer number of amenities this place has. It’s a remote venue, but it has everything you need on-site – from archery and aerial adventures to one of the best spas in the UK.

World-class spa. Championship Golf. Stunning landscapes and exceptional cuisine. This sprawling country estate has so much to offer and gives so much back. This edition’s featured Venue For Good is Carden Park.

If you need a venue that takes you away from the hustle and bustle, Carden Park exists in its own, not-so-little bubble. The venue is perfect for away days, incentives, and team-building, with its wide array of leisure activities, but it’s also the perfect venue for a large event. The venue has a massive 400-person conference suite and 18 meeting rooms on-site. Any event here would feel like an escape, a break from the norm, no matter how big or small.

Country Estate

Nr Chester, Cheshire

400+ delegates