Conference Care has been Carbon Neutral since 2010 and believe that some of the best practices we have learnt along the way can be put into use by sharing with our customers and creating a more sustainably focused events industry, which is why we have developed Carbon Consultancy by Conference Care.

Carbon Consultancy has three main aims

To enable event organisers to calculate emissions generated for an event.

To provide solutions that educate, create behavioural change and deliver a reduction of emissions at events.

To offer a range of carbon programmes which allow the remaining carbon footprint to be offset in an ethical manner.

What contributes to a typical Event’s Carbon footprint?
How it works?

Using our own calculator, verified by Carbon Footprint we are able to measure the carbon footprint of a planned individual event (or event programme).

We will then work with you to make suggestions aiming to reduce the impact of the event. Once the event has taken place, we will re-calculate based on final details and assess the impact of these changes on your final results.

Finally, we are able to offset these emissions, with our portfolio of Offset projects all of which are Verified Carbon Standard.

Why offset your emissions?

There are many reasons why increasing numbers of businesses and organisations are choosing to offset their emissions.

The most common ones are listed below:

  • Supporting projects that provide the solution to climate change (e.g. helping decarbonise electricity grids, improving energy efficiency, reducing deforestation and reforestation)
  • To become part of the solution to climate change
    Helping reduce global CO2e emissions
  • Helping enhance developing countries – economic, social & communities
  • Meeting Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) targets
  • Giving back to local communities where business is being done/products are sourced Fostering local community relations
  • Helping to build brand reputation
  • Delivering PR advantages
  • Engaging staff and enthusing internal teams
  • Helping to win in competitive tender situations
  • Differentiating themselves from competitors
  • Balancing out unavoidable emissions and becoming Net Zero Carbon / Carbon Neutral

Source: Carbon Footprint

Our Carbon Offset programme, which is Verified Carbon Standard and supports the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals, allows you to balance out emissions by supporting projects around the world that help provide solutions to climate change. Not only do these programmes offset your emissions but they provide invaluable support to local communities where they are based.

We can offset the carbon emissions associated with your event by supporting projects which provide clean, renewable energy to the grid in India & Vietnam, supply innovative efficient cooking technologies to rural communities in Guatemala, treat wastewater & provide clean biogas for industry in Thailand, and help to protect the precious Amazon Rainforest against illegal deforestation in Brazil. As well as this, we will also be planting a tree right here in the UK for every 10 tonnes of carbon emissions that we offset.

If you would like to know more about reducing your events carbon footprint, please get in touch at or visit

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