What Our Clients Say About Us…

November 7, 2018

At Conference Care we’re always thinking about how to improve on our services, and as experts in the events industry we want to make sure that our clients are always delighted with what we do for them. But we were truly amazed at the fantastic feedback we received from a recent feedback survey, and we wanted to share some of the great comments made about our team.

The team in the office deserve to be recognised for the hard work they do and what better way than hearing it from the clients we look after. WELL DONE!

“Krina has been brilliant thank you and has worked hard to support us with the hotels we worked with, especially in Miami. The contract was a headache, so she helped alleviate the pain.”

“I believe every member of Conference Care I have dealt with have always gone the extra mile, this started with Lynne Mulgrew and carried on with Sarah Huckerby.”

“Helen Birtles – Always quick to come back to us with quotes for venues.”

“The Nestle team provide excellent service, quick reaction and problem solving”

“Jayne Turnor is my consultant. She is brilliant! Jayne always responds really quickly, not only to my initial enquiry but also to every question along the way to a successful event. Jayne inspires confidence and it is a pleasure to work with her.”

“Matt Harris – please reward him, he keeps up with our incredibly fast pace and never lets us down. He is a credit to Conference Care.”

“Leanne Land – always helpful, friendly and whose knowledge helps me to book amazing venues.”

“Louise Harwood – she really helped out with our event where we had some issues and she got them resolved. Julia Green has been fabulous too!”

“Everyone is always so helpful but the team who deal with Nestle are great.”

“Susie Ritchie always goes the extra mile to ensure that we as a company are happy and also up to date with the events that we need to plan. She is such a warm and friendly person that you immediately trust her with the things that need doing, she’s fab!”

“Pauline and Franky have both been a tremendous credit to the Conference Care brand. Pauline really leads from the front in an exemplary way. Franky came on board mid-project and absolutely made it his own, regularly going above and beyond to come to our rescue.”

“I think all the staff that I have dealt with have been excellent. The one person that pops to mind is someone who has to deal with a lot of changes and varying demands of our company and she just took it in her stride even though we were probably pushing her to the limits, that person was Julie Dawkins.”

“I have dealt with Krina, Julie, Helen and Susie. They have all been absolutely fantastic, NOTHING is ever too much trouble. “

“Emily Hill – efficient, quick and professional.”

“Rebecca Hollis has really helped me out in the past couple of years. She negotiated with the venue to move my event several times without charge and even into a new year.”

“Sarah Huckerby is a lovely friendly person, always bubbly and takes good care of me as a client, ensuring my needs are taken care of.”

“Lindsey was great to have onsite and very quickly understood what our events were about and the standards expected.”

“Krina is fantastic, she’s always cheery and helpful on the phone, understands our business and our particular requirements. She liaises with the venues in our behalf superbly.”

“I’ve been liaising with Leah Rushton and she’s been fantastic. Quick and efficient, couldn’t be more helpful.”

“Julia Green is amazing, always a friendly smile and can never do enough for me, I really look forward to our visits.”

“Melissa Lackenby has been my point of contact for over 6 years and she is attentive, responsive, friendly, helpful and a breath of fresh air. Even in challenging situations she remains positive, calm and always has a smile.”

“Joe Coe – professional knowledge of our business needs and dedicated to delivering best possible outcomes.”

“Seckin was extremely helpful when helping me find an event for a leadership meeting.”

“I think the clue is in your company name, you CARE! It’s the little details that count for me and the always being one step ahead of your clients with no request ever being too big or small.”

“Karen Rogers is really good at her job and she is really thoughtful and friendly on a personal level too.”

“Leanne land is absolutely awesome, I sometimes give her last minute and very difficult requests and no matter what, she never lets me down, and always delivers with a smile, thank you Leanne.”

“Helen Birtles who was my support for a long time and did a FANTASTIC job, no matter how hectic my work load was.”