60 Seconds with Event Management

Conference Care deliver over 100 event management projects each year through our fantastic Event Management team. Lindsey Smith gives us an insight into her life as an Events Manager…

My first event:

A media client’s training roadshow was my first event management experience. With so many events running simultaneously in multiple locations across the UK it was a case of sink or swim, and I absolutely loved it.

The event I’m most proud of:

A corporate garden party with classic British food, London taxis, photo booths, live Karaoke band, stalls, funfair rides and bungee volleyball. Both a celebration and a farewell our brief was to completely transform their onsite normal working environment into something fun and vibrant. It worked brilliantly; the event looked and felt like another world entirely, despite the great British weather!

My most disastrous event:

Although the client was blissfully unaware, a high profile VIP international event for one of our long standing clients was incredibly tough behind the scenes. There were multiple challenges throughout the event from suppliers, to logistics to the venue. Fortunately, we had contingency plans for our contingency plans!

My next big event:

One of our retail manufacturing clients has their sales conference in the New Year. They really enjoy showcasing their products in innovative and creative ways – last year we had 700 delegates crawling through tunnels into ‘Alice in Wonderland’ rooms to discover new products, a carnival theme for the gala dinner and some fantastic fitness themed goody bags so I am excited to go one bigger this time.

My fantasy event:

I’ve always enjoyed the energy of musical theatre and Broadway shows so I would love to organise something like a talent show or the Royal Variety Performance.

An event I wish I could have attended:

Occasionally it happens that you pour your heart into an event and then you have to hand it over – it is always disappointing to miss those. Looking back I wish I had attended the 2012 Olympics, it was a great year of sporting events and sadly I missed the lot!

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