Meet the Conference Care Plan-It! Team

March 30, 2021

“How do we take the grand ideal of saving the planet and translate that into any number of measurable initiatives, which (bit by bit) have a positive impact?” – that was the question we asked ourselves in 2020, and the answer was to create our Plan-It! group. A multi – generational (!) team of inspired and inspirational people who feel the need to make a real difference for the generations of the future.

Our pledges include –

  • To continue to improve our own performance as a company
  • Give more back to our local community
  • To bring our skills and knowledge of event sustainability to our customers
  • Take a key role in improving sustainability across the events industry as a whole

    ….and we mean it!

But let’s take a closer look at some of the people who make up Plan-It!, and what it means to them to be part of this dynamic line-up…

Pauline B – People that know me well aren’t surprised to hear that I am driving the sustainability agenda. Our generation will be defined by what we do or don’t do to address the challenges of making our world sustainable. As a mum to two teenagers, thinking about everything from climate change to poverty and diversity and inclusion, I feel strongly that I have a responsibility to play my part.

My role in the Plan-it! team is mainly strategic, looking ahead at what more we can do and supporting some of the actions from our sub teams. Currently my focus is on a D&I project and how we can get the message out there that it’s a core value at Conference Care.
It’s great to be part of a business that shares my views and love the feeling that we are making a difference!


Mark U – Why I joined – I was told to! Having 4 daughters, sustainability and the long-term impact we have on the environment is important to the future of how they grow up. Alongside Maria, I’m looking at how Conference Care can have a positive impact on the local community. This includes supporting two key projects in Zoe’s Place and Angels Small Paws, but also understanding what else is important to the wider team and how we can encourage involvement.
It’s always good to work a cross departmental team, you get to know people better and ultimately we are sharing great ideas and kicking off initiatives which have a positive impact on Conference Care, our customers and without wanting to sound too cheesy, the planet


Chris P – I became a bit fed up of seeing too much lip service being paid in the area of sustainability. I’m interested in making real practical improvements whether that’s internal, with our supply chain, to our own employees, for our customers, or to the events industry as a whole.
Enough talk, now is the time to take action and our Plan-It! team is motivated, capable and focussed on making a difference – they’re a pleasure to work with.


Jayne T – I want to have my say, focus on and implement environmental changes at work within the working environment and the wellbeing of my colleagues, which can make a real difference!
My main focus is to ‘Improve performance as a company’, so looking at the attitude towards sustainability through our supply chain along with focusing on wellness and mental health within the working environment.
If I can make the slightest bit of a difference, then it makes it all worth it!


Di K – I joined the group as was interested in seeing how we as a company could make a difference not only for now but for the future.
I am in a team looking at our current suppliers and their attitudes to sustainability, so that we can make informed choices on the suppliers we choose and put forward to our clients.
I like to be part of a team that will I believe will make a difference – every little helps!



Julia G – Sustainability is so high on my clients agenda that being on the Plan-it team was a natural choice for me. I’m really excited to be able to share more information and support clients in delivering sustainable events.




Karen R – I joined our Plan-It! team as this is a topic of great interest to me. Sustainability is such a huge subject these days and is important in all businesses. I am particularly interested in giving back to the community, getting rid of single use plastics which has and is still causing so much damage to the environment and also wastage which when you see people going without really pulls at your heartstrings. I am currently working on a Diversity & Inclusion project which is a very broad subject, including empowering people by respecting and appreciating what makes them different, in terms of age, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, education, and national origin and that everyone is culturally and socially accepted and are all equally treated.


Louise H – Being thrust into a new world (thanks to Covid) has given me time to reflect and re-evaluate what’s important to me.
Within the Plan-It! team I’m currently working on one of our 4 pledges “improving performance as a company”, not only looking at the external suppliers we work with but also internally the mental health and wellbeing of our team.
I’m sure when we come out of the other side of Covid-19 Conference Care, our suppliers, and our employees will find ourselves stronger than ever because of the work we are putting into Plan-It! now.


Molly L – New to the Plan-It! team, I was keen to join and be more directly involved in actioning sustainability within Conference Care and particularly preparing for when we move back towards physical events. As an Event Manager at Conference Care, I can incorporate our pledges when planning events with clients, whilst gaining a better understanding of how venues are focusing on encouraging a more sustainable event. Currently I am working on developing partnerships within the Plan-It team starting with Greengage and UK Harvest. I  have also helped work on the updated roadmap for the team, part of this is assisting with social media content to inform our clients of our actions. I am really enjoying being part of this team as I can be more involved in the ways in which we can improve and pass this on to helping our clients too.

Maria H – I am involved in a local recycling group and keen to raise awareness and encourage everyone to do their bit as I believe that real impact means everyone doing a little bit rather than just a few doing a lot! I am really pleased that Conference Care has chosen to support Angel Small Paws, as that is the rehoming charity where I adopted my lovely dog, Missy