Virtual Events

Here at Conference Care recently, we’ve been talking to a growing number of both existing and new customers, about the changes they may need to make to their future events programs and the possible shift from purely physical events to hybrid and fully virtual. It’s a complicated subject, and we’ve been busy investigating and testing the different products in the market, so that we can offer a consultative approach to the real key questions our clients have.

We don’t believe that the value of face-to-face meetings will ever go away, but certainly in the near future as we return to a new and different normality, we know that restrictions will mean that a lot of events will have a digital aspect to them. Holding a virtual event will need the same meticulous planning (if not more) as a physical event. How do you promote it to your delegates, make sure all guests are engaged and getting value, get your messages across effectively, offer networking opportunities, have an event which stands out and everyone remembers for the right reasons?

Virtual and hybrid events tend to fall into four main types –


In house meetings

This could include sales meetings, training, kick-offs, Board meetings or departmental. Our main considerations with these types of meeting is affordability, protection, security and branding needs, all of which will have an impact on choice of product.


With one or more speakers or a panel, primarily educational events which are not usually longer than 1 ½ hours in length, allowing some interaction between the speakers and viewers by means of allowing live questions and responses. Often recorded and offered to a wider audience afterwards.

Hybrid Events

Most often conferences, these might usually take place over several days, which doesn’t suit the virtual environment. The challenge is to offer a similar experience to the virtual delegate as those physically at the event. Giving content choice and networking tools will be important.

Virtual Conference

A fully digital event can actually be more complicated than planning, running and measuring a traditional event. You don’t have the benefit of a great venue to draw attendance, there’s no spa facilities and limited chances to be creative. So content, relevance and interaction are the vital areas. This changes the priority of a solid Event App from a “nice to have” to essential.

Zoom App on an iPhone

How can we help?

  • Event websites and registration, with payment processing.
  • Delegate management – including a helpline for all queries, venue and/or platform provider liaison, seamless branded registration site for all delegate types.
  • Collaborative approach – our expert Event Consultants live and breathe events. Whether you need just the right venue, advice on how to create a successful hybrid event or any aspect of digital, we’re here for you.
  • Changing a live event into a digital one at short lead.
  • Sourcing the right hosting software is going to be vital. What key features are going to make the difference to your delegates? We’re working with a big range of partners, passing on the cost savings to you.
  • Event Apps – our App partners are at the forefront of the industry, and we work with them to create useable, intuitive event tools that your delegates will love right from the start,
    whether in-person events, virtual or a mix of both.
  • Stream live seminars and workshops, introduce some gamification, and measure delegate feedback to really understand the value of the event.
  • Integrating your other event systems and liaising with speakers and sponsors.
  • Usually have an exhibition at your event? We can introduce ideas and concepts which can increase your event revenue.
  • We truly believe that while virtual events will never truly replace the experience of attending events in person, adding a digital approach to your meeting and event strategy will pay off in the long term. You need the right technology and an effective plan to support what you and your delegates need – the team at Conference Care will help you on the path to success.