Our Work

Location:  London UK

Client: Insurance

Number of delegates: 60

The Shard



“Hi Alison, just wanted to say thanks so much for the quick turnaround. All of the venues look good but that was such a great rate at the top one it’s a no-brainer! I didn’t think we’d get such a good offer from a five-star hotel. Please go ahead and confirm, and let’s catch up soon.”


Hi Alison,

I’ve just received confirmation that our CEO is available next week on Wednesday and so we need to arrange the next offsite – sorry it’s another tight turn around but we must work when he’s available. It will include all day, overnight and a drinks reception with dinner as before.



Sound familiar?

Deadlines are getting shorter, plans can be so last minute and, in a world where most things are available immediately this is also true for venue finding. We receive e-mails from clients daily with tight turnarounds, but it doesn’t phase us.

We love a challenge, it’s what we are here for.


Communication, knowledge, efficiency with a little helping hand from technology is how we tackle this kind of request.

To turn this around quickly, it’s important that we have an excellent understanding of the brief. We are big fans of technology, however there is a time and a place where a good old-fashioned conversation is king.

A quick call into our client to make sure that we had everything we need to act quickly is vital here. E-mails are instant, but only if someone replies. We pride ourselves on not making assumptions and when people are time poor, this avoids delays later. A conversation can answer a million things in one go.

Once we had a couple of questions answered, we were able to have the proposal out to the relevant venues with a few clicks here and there. With our technology – hotels and venues can reply online, and it is instantly fed back to our team with all the information filled in – prices, images, value added items, directions, hotel details as well as a summary of savings we have secured. We think it’s clever.

With over 20 years’ experience we already knew which properties could work – the list was written before the call was ended. We take the time beforehand to really get to know our clients, and what works for them.

When the replies are in, we generate an interactive link with all possible solutions and deliver it straight to the client’s inbox.  The nature of our technology (and now is the time to use it!) means we can have quotes and proposals out to clients within a couple of hours, with all the essential information contained in one place.

We pride ourselves on knowing when technology can be our saviour but we like to make sure we keep it personal.


Our clients continue to work with us, some have been with Conference Care for over 15 years. We feel this feedback speaks for itself.We are agile when it is required, we will always listen, be responsive and provide the right solution for each enquiry.

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