Venue Finding – London Social

Location: London UK

Client: Insurance

Number of delegates: 520

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“Conference Care you nailed it…we can’t wait to see what you can do next year!”


A snippet of a recent conversation with our client …
Ok, so that’s 520 people all based in London and you want to throw the summer party of all summer parties? Oh, yes and you’d like unlimited drinks (that won’t run out), and of course, I remember you did a BBQ last year and so you want something different for this year. Uh huh, of course outside space with a wet weather option.

Great, £50k budget.

Yep, we can do that.

And we did.


Having a dedicated London expert based within our venue finding team as well as our Head of Sales London based on the ground and living in London, we were able to solve this one for our client.

Despite having over 65,000 venues to hand on our database, it was a local personal relationship with the venue that solved this. We were able to hold a face to face meeting with our client and the venue, to answer all the granular details right there and then. Saving time, repetition of information and of course money! Also, the three of us were able to get creative with ideas!

The venue has extensive outdoor space, with not one but two wet weather options for the high numbers. The food was not a BBQ, but a selection of five unique food vendors from vegan to a steak supplier! Our client was able to choose from over 10 vendors to suit their needs. There was something for everyone, the longest queue was by far at the ice cream cart! We negotiated the drinks package, which was unlimited and included everything you can think of.  Oh, and proper loos for an outside venue…winning!

Safe to say, we solved it.



What did our client say?

“Oh wow, we had no idea that venue even existed! And all of that for our budget?”

“Conference Care you nailed it…we can’t wait to see what you can do next year!”

“The teams LOVED it! It has been the talk of the office!”

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