Technology Sector Contracted Venue Finding

Location:  UK & International

Client: IT Services

Number of events: 750 per annum

Contracted Services Case Study

“Well done, last month’s savings were above the 20 % we had forecast. It is such a pleasure to work alongside the team. They always understand what I need and the kind of venues we like. I love that they are just at the end of the phone and we have our own direct line in. Helen is always so quick and always manages to get everything we need under our budget and I love how I all I need to do is send the Purchase Order number and all billing and payment is done!”


The objectives were clear right from the start with a recent pitch we participated in.

The client was looking to appoint a venue sourcing agent to provide the following.

  • Purchase through to payment solution
  • Per event invoicing 30 days post event
  • Contract approval and signing with power of attorney
  • Minimum 20 % savings per event to be achieved
  • Tracked cost avoidance evidence
  • Bespoke management information provided monthly
  • Centralised client portal access

In addition to the commercial elements required, it was made very clear that the appointed agency needed to able to provide a dedicated, bespoke and personal service. They wanted to drive relationships and a long-term partnership that supported the overall objectives.


This pitch was music to our ears. We believe that every company is different, and we feel that a cookie cutter approach is not suitable, nor should it be accepted any more.

We were successful in winning this pitch because we were able to provide a corporate solution with a personalised approach. A dedicated team of four Event Consultants to manage the account, with a dedicated email and dedicated telephone line for the bookers to reach their own team with ease. No one is then passed from pillar to post to manage enquiries.

The technology we use allows us to write and deliver a monthly set of management information that is individual and met the needs of this client.

The suite of data includes:

  • Monthly savings achieved
  • Details of cost avoidance such as negotiated cancellations
  • The spend is broken down by relevant cost centres
  • The spend is tracked by individual booker
  • Lead times are recorded to drive compliance with the clients booking policy
  • Conversions are tracked

More importantly, we were able to implement the client into the wider business within two weeks of being appointed. The dedicated team along with our Account Manager were introduced to the bookers face to face to start building relationships immediately.


We are privately owned and manage our internal teams and processes to be agile and efficient. It is essential we understand you and your needs because we see ourselves as an extension of your teams.

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