A large media client had a requirement to manage and deliver a major event which reached all 3000 engineers. This was a completely new initiative, which had never been attempted in the company's history. The requirement came from internal feedback which highlighted the need to engage with Engineers to help encourage company buy-in, improve motivation, increase staff retention, and to inform about future developments and long term goals.

Activity Schedule

Conference Care met with the client, to gain a clear understanding of their requirements and discuss how these objectives could be carried out in the most cost effective and time critical way. Time frames were discussed, roles and responsibilities of both parties outlined in order to clearly define the schedule of delivery for the entire process.

Production Schedule and Project Plan

After the initial briefing, Conference Care and our Audio Visual partner, MCL started work on project documents and concept visuals in line with the meeting objectives. Event materials and tools were created, which showcased a bespoke "Animated Helix" logo and brand for the events, which became the foundation of all event documentation and created a visual event identity.

The set design was carefully considered, as there were many challenges to overcome: It had to be forward thinking and impactful, durable as it would be travelling all round the UK over the course of three weeks, flexible and adaptable to ensure it would work in five different venues while giving each Engineer the same quality experience. The final set comprised of a 12metre widescreen, colour matched 1metre high illuminated light boxes and bespoke branded stage furniture and lecterns.

Pre Approval Quotation and Project Plan

Conference Care worked with the client to deliver an event programme that would work on many different levels. By using our knowledge and expertise we made recommendations about venues, location, event logistics, presentation formats & AV requirements. Recommendations were not exclusive to the initial meetings. We understood that no event was the same and the key to success lies in flexibility. We continuously assessed and measured the effectiveness of the events. From the outset we gave advice on suitability of venues, we made suggestions for logistics such as the transportation of delegate literature to each venue, and during the live show days we reviewed all areas to ensure the best experience each and every time depending on venue constraints.

Production Schedules

Conference Care acted as the central point of contact through which all parties could liaise. Our Audio/Visual partner MCL played a major role in the planning and production delivery, with all communication channeled through Conference Care. This was crucial for the client, as it meant that they had a dedicated team of people ensuring peace of mind throughout the duration of the project. Two different production schedules were created, one for the planning stages and the other for the live event. This critical path highlighted all key milestones and deadlines to ensure that everything was in place for the live event. For the live event, an event schedule was created and detailed all of the intricacies that needed to happen from start to finish.

Project Budget Breakdown

A project budget breakdown was created, showing the individual cost of each element, including all of the stage & set equipment for each event. Each of the five events was shown line by line, in addition to a full cost for the entire project allowing complete transparency between Conference Care and client.

Content Budget

We provided cost effective solutions to maximise budgets. For example, local event staff were employed to assist with the live shows, such as stage & set builders and registration staff. When events form a series, cost savings can be achieved on the delegate registration tools where the template is set up for the first event and then developed for the rest of the series. Where possible delegate literature is recycled; badge holders are collected and re-used for both budgetary and environmental reasons.


Two members of MCL's production team attended the final planning meeting with Conference Care. During this meeting, the Show-Caller and PowerPoint technician met with the client's planning team.

The primary purpose of this meeting was to combine the individual files into a draft formal show. Video clips, sound bites and presentations were downloaded and prepared by the production team.

The day was then pieced together slide by slide. Holding slides were created; walk up music was agreed and edited, breakout sessions agreed, visual countdown timers set, video stingers were tested, timed and looped, as well as final amends made to slides to shape the programme to ensure consistency and accuracy throughout.

Creative Input and Maximising Engagement

Conference Care's team worked with the client to format the events. Our creative input with MCL in designing the show visuals and brand identity was pivotal to the impact of the event and was rolled out across all engineer events. Recommendations were given in many areas including timings, format, including seating arrangements and room layouts. In light of the client's forward thinking technology ethos, we incorporated state of the art presentation "Spyer Widescreen‚€Ě technology and "VersaTile‚€Ě Video Panels, mirroring the core company values through to the live event delivery.

Post Agreement

The client employs 3000 engineers, with a UK-wide geographical spread. For the purposes of reaching as many people as possible in the fewest number of locations, the UK was broken down into concentrated regions. The final event locations were Bradford, London, Edinburgh and Birmingham.


Logistical Challenges

We aided the client with the logistics of getting event materials to each of the road shows in a cost effective manner. MCL's large production trucks were booked for each venue, so we managed the process of having event materials transported and delivered with the rest of the equipment. This ensured things arrived together and were easily traceable without having to locate everything through external courier tracking systems.

Events Cascade and Measurement

After each event, Conference Care held a de-brief meeting. During this meeting we reviewed all elements of the event, including venue, administration, level of service and support. At this stage, delegate feedback was assessed for both future improvements of the event with the client as well as any potential improvements to our overall event management service.

Post event, attendee analysis was undertaken to measure the effectiveness of the day. As well as measuring the effectiveness of the corporate messages the other crucial part was to re-assess engineer morale in terms in improving company buy in, morale, motivation, and staff retention. All criteria had improved beyond expectation, giving the client an exceptional return on investment. Due to these results, the client is planning to roll out these events to other parts of the business and run them on an annual basis to build on the momentum.


Conference Care was the key manager and driver in delivery of the engineer road shows, despite working with several different supporting incumbents. The successes of the events were due to us gaining a detailed understanding of the company, the purpose of the event and desired outcomes. Having this knowledge gave us the insight to be able to proactively offer solutions to ensure expectations were met and delivered.

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Conference Care are a pleasure to work with. They have helped us source each of our conference venues plus various venues for our larger events. We are a charity and have to stick to smaller budgets but Conference Care always try to provide options for us. All the ladies who Iíve dealt with have always been so lovely and Iíve never had to chase them for anything which is such a joy! Conference Care really do seem to care about their clients and this definitely shone through at this event.

Scottish Centre for Conflict Resolution, Cyrenians

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